Gwangju Design Biennale
08 Sep - 23 Oct 2017

This exhibition is the result of the Gwangju Craft Culture Project conducted in partnership with Gwangju artisans in 2016 ans 2017. The theme of "Museo to sell" reflects the spirit of craftsman and the techniques of the times. This project aimed to craft high-quality products by combining designer's modern living concept and methodology with traditional crafts, and to serve as a seamiess distribution model with the ability to form product lines based on a systematic marketing strategy.


Date08 Sep 2017 - 23 Oct 2017

LocationGwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall, 111 Biennale-ro, yongbong-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju

HostGwangju Design Center

ArtistOh Seokshim, Park Younggi, Go Kyungju, Han Kyunghee, Jeong Jonggu, Choi Seokhyun, Shin Kyoungsik, Son Dongjin, Jang Gukshin