The charming modernization of the precious ancient heritage of the forgotten, which is widely used today, starts from the fact that it is a suitable material for modern living culture that is the subject of health. Among the various characteristics that have been found in studying the physical properties of copper and tin alloy alloys and in understanding its manufacturing process, it is necessary to remove the bad bacteria and to deepen the taste of the food, And a tumbler cup in a healthy endurance that lasts longer than cold and a preservation container that holds excellent functional properties to keep freshness.


The tableware consisted of two sets of tableware based on the moral value of 'Ham' which contains healthy and precious 'Jinji'. In order to relieve the inconvenience of heavy use, we made a lot of effort in the process of thickness adjustment, and finished and manufactured it with four methods to express attractive appearance emotionally, matte, smooth and iron.


Date14 Mar 2014 - 23 May 2014

LocationYÉOL Hanok, bukchonro 50-3, Jongrogu, Seoul

SponsorYÉOL Korean Heritage Preservation Society

ProducerEun Byungsoo

ArtistKim Sooyoung, Lee Kwangho