There is a word of wisdom that "those who seek grace give generous gifts to those who are tolerant, but they become friends for everyone who likes it".

"Things" becomes "gifts", knowing that things are given "formality" first, expecting a beautiful connection, a polite heart for those who receive it "yes" that contains manners.


Culture of relations with "Yes" following the time and the time leading to the present age is still going on. When you share the spiritual value that cherishes carefully by granting another case of things in the relationship, the beautiful kite will last. The former predecessors expressed not only the entertainment of the eyes, but also the experience which impressed the heart, the head and the heart as beauty.


A phenomenon in which the harmony between things and people is expressed as an example between a person and a person and the "beautiful relationship" is completely made "granting a case to the attitude of self-respect of things" is a precious cultural heritage.


It encompasses objects and materials surrounding objects and materials, and it opens, closes, piles up, folds up, folds together, binds together, encloses it in whole, and so on, so that we can make our own habits and unfamiliar things discovered. In the present era, these slight excerpts are an important element to establish our own package. Together with these traditional Macs of practices and acts along with traditional intangible cultural heritage with traditional techniques such as Gatoir, Knotting Farm, Ranch, Embroidery chapter, Spit captain, individual owners, line magnetic field etc We will reveal the culture in which our beautiful spirit was put.


Date26 Dec - 29 Dec 2016

LocationYÉOL Hanok, bukchonro 50-3, Jongrogu, Seoul

SponsorNational Intangible Heritage Center,
YÉOL Korean Heritage Preservation Society

ArtistPark Hyungeun, Park Hyungmin, Song Youngdo, Yoo Jinkyung,
Yun Jongsook, Kwak Geumwon, Kim Daesung